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Her Excellency, Chief, Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri is the Founder and President of the African Women Mobilization Commission a non-profit organization mobilizing women to become leaders through training, conferencing, and global engagement. 


She has been featured in the Detroit News as one of Michigan’s Most Influential Women, Atlanta's own Voyage Magazine, and many other publications.  Using her unique experience as a Nigerian woman, and a survivor of the trauma of war and sexual assault, she has lectured at Wayne State University, Oakland University, Michigan State University, University of Phoenix, Emory University, and countless secondary and grammar schools.  Dr. Osimiri's earnings of a Doctorate Degree in Physics or Natural Theology and Doctoral research in Clinical Psychology as well as being the author has granted her the knowledge and experience to help others dive deep into the struggles of the mind and bring out the "average persons" full potential.

Dr. Osimiri’s straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy, inspire listeners to move past their constraints and into prominence in many ways. Dr. Osimiri is both a keynote speaker and Trainer, generating the kind of training and learning that transforms lives. Her charm, enthusiasm, and wit have changed regular people into exceptional successes by employing her personal life, and her in-depth examination of others’ trials, to develop an insight into what produces results, doesn’t work, and why.

She has conducted women empowerment workshops including Chrysler Corporation in Rochester Hills Michigan, Women of the Bar conferences, and many others.  Dr. Osimiri has made it a mission to not only inspire others in business and life, but also bring to light world events and how we can change them by changing ourselves.


A survival of trauma in the Nigerian Biafran war, she motivates people on how to prevail over pain, suffering, challenges, and obstacles. The title of her motivational program is ”You Are Not Bound by Yesterday… On Forward.”


Dr. Osimiri has earned numerous Awards for her work in business, and education. She received an educational citation (Friend of Education, Michigan), several Spirit of Detroit and Wayne County certificates of recognition. She was nominated for Faculty of the Year Award at the University of Phoenix where she is an Advanced Certified Faculty in the Department of Business Administration, teaching MBA courses in Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and a certified Senior Grant Writer. She has served on the Advisory Board for the Women Federation for World Peace and was a member of the Emerging Minority Businesses Council of the State of Michigan. She received a Certificate of Tribute from former Governor Jennifer Granholm for her work with the Governor’s small business initiative. 


Retired School Principl

The person who has garnered my attention and hundreds of others over the past 25 years with uplifting speeches and conversations is Chief Uwa Osimiri. Her voice brings inspiration, information, and relatable experiences to her listeners. 

Chief Osimiri is a dynamic motivational speaker in the 21st century.


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