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This page is for highlights the Awards that I have received for my global work. 

Women's Federation for World Peace USA

Throughout history, we have heard much about ‘his story,’ which means there is still so much of ‘her story yet to be told. To unearth these incredible stories, WFWP USA recognizes and honors women not only for their outstanding accomplishments in various fields of endeavor, in the form of a HerStory Award but especially for the story "behind it."

Each HerStory recipient has been selected for her courage, compassion, and commitment to using her gifts and talents to uplift others, despite often overwhelming challenges. Upon receiving this award, we ask the recipient to share a few practical points of lessons learned as they overcame trials and tribulations, in order to encourage other women, and also to share those nuggets of wisdom with the next generation.

This award encourages all women to know that by investing in people and relationships, you have influence and thus already are a leader regardless of title or position, and thus have the ability to accomplish extraordinary things for the sake of the greater good!

This is a tribute to all the women around the world who are not just leaders, but peace leaders that are “Living by the Logic of Love.”




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